How to choose the perfect jewellery designers?

An average time required by the to-be bride to get her wedding preparations sorted out is a minimum of three months. This is the kind of time that goes into selecting the ideal wedding attire and jewellery that complements her gown. Every bride wants to look angelic and be at her best on the special day. Coveted diamond rings studded in gold are the best bet for a bride. Here are a few important things to keeping in mind while opting for diamond rings.

Things to Consider while Buying Diamond Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and who better than a bride will understand its value. However, a lot goes into buying the best and fine quality of diamonds. Nevertheless, a few important aspects of diamond buying are sure to take you on a joy ride.

Remember the letter ‘C’

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, the bigger the diamond you opt for your ring, the higher will be the price. Colourless diamonds are always the picture-perfect ones for your ring. However, one can even choose the trendy yellow diamonds ring. Cut of the diamond refers to its sparkling beauty. A good defined cut is what you should opt for. Lastly, it’s the Clarity of the diamond’s blemishes from both inside as well as outside matters too. So, ideally it is the four C’s that play the major role.

Choosing your perfect Wedding Jewellery Designer

It is not an arduous task to find good Jewellery designers to design your custom diamond ring Singapore. However, it is always good to keep a few points running in your mind while opting for a diamond studded ring.

  • Choose a jeweller who can give you a diamond-grading report. This would certify the Four C’s of finding the finest quality of diamonds.
  • Your jeweller must be able to give you the best pricing that is in tune to your budget. Also, look for a jeweller who offers diamonds and the ring as well. This makes your job easy.
  • Always take references from your friends and family if you do not have your known jeweller. This way, you would be rest assured of the quality and the pricing.
  • You obviously want your jewellery to be a statement piece. Look for a good jewellery designer who masters in customization and offer a variety of options.
  • Ask your jeweller for the post-purchase services like cleaning of the jewellery and polishing.