Consultancy Services About Risk Management: Signup For Bizsafe Workshop

The company’s top management must sign up for the Bizsafe workshop. Completing the workshop grants a company of bizsafe level 1.


Bizsafe is a recognized building program, nationally, to help companies build workplace safety and health capabilities.

Bizsafe workshop for CEO or top management

A Bizsafe workshop for CEOs of top management is a BizSafe level 1 course. The course provides an understanding of the WSH Act and the subsidiary legislations, including:

  1. Workplace Safety and Health Regulations
  2. Workplace Safety and Health Risk Management Code of practice
  3. The introduction of the bizsafe concept makes top management understand the role played towards cultivating a good safety culture in a workplace.
  4. It helps facilitate the participants to prepare their WSH policy.

Level 1 of bizsafe course has a 5-step program to assist the SME in building up the WSH capabilities to achieve quantum improvements in the safety and health standards at the workplace.

What are the contents of the course?

The course contents are:

  • Create a conductive safety culture
  • Financial planning and safety
  • Introduction of RM Concept
  • Preparing an appropriate WSH policy

The responsibility of the top management in implementing WSHM is important to ensure the safety and protect the stakeholder’s health exposed to activities taken by the company. The core of this commitment is the defined, documented, and endorsed SHP statement and health performance goals of the company.

The half-day of the course equips the leaders of the companies with knowledge on recognizing personal responsibilities and liabilities under the following:

  • WSH Act 2006
  • subsidiary legislations

Start to learn the basic principles and concepts of managing Workplace Safety and Health risks at the workplace.

The key learning outcome is for every learner to develop and endorse the company’s WSH Policy.


Why is bizsafe important?

Workplace injuries and accidents have serious consequences for:

  • companies
  • employees
  • society at large

These incidents can result in:

  • loss of life
  • injuries
  • property damage
  • loss of productivity

These incidents can affect the company’s image and status, such as:

  • damage to a company’s reputation
  • attracts legal and financial liabilities
  • affect employee morale

Implementing the bizSAFE program helps companies with the following:

  • enhance their safety and health standards
  • reduce accidents and injuries
  • create a culture of WSH

Before you take bizsafe level 2, you must take level 1 first. To embark on the journey, you must attend the level 1 course of bizsafe before jumping into level 2. Upon completion, Top Management receives a certificate of attendance.