Selling your car to a professional: what are the advantages?

Developing services

You want to sell your used car, but you don’t know which solution to choose: professional or private? Selling your car to a professional offers you many advantages.

How to choose the right professional?

Many professionals are available on the market and are qualified to buy your used car. But who to contact? You are presented with several choices:

Dealerships: Generally they pick up your car against buying a new vehicle and this will allow you to have a discount on your new purchase.

Garages: Some garages, especially those specializing in the sale of used vehicles, offer you a car collection service with the same conditions as a dealership

Brokerage agencies: This can be your best bet if you don’t want to buy a new vehicle. In fact, agents can buy your used car quickly and at a price that approaches its maximum value.

The advantages of selling to a professional

Selling to a professional has several advantages from the point of view of safety and comfort.

Time saving: Contacting a professional has the advantage of conserving you space on the whole transaction. Certainly, specialists often give you to purchase your used auto in less than 24 hours.

Urgent need for liquidity:  Selling to a professional allows you to receive payment immediately. In fact, it will take place on the day you collect your car and will not provide increase to enormous trades between the dealer and the buyer. The dealership valuation will likely be lower than the car’s value, but you’ll save time and energy.

Simplicity of customs : You can peddle your car in detailed consensus of sense, the specialists accompany you and take care of all the administrative formalities with you regarding your sale. You can also benefit from their experience and a climate of trust that selling to a private individual cannot give you.

No technical inspection: A professional buys your car in the state in which it is without requesting a recent technical inspection as can happen in the sale to a private individual. Whatever the condition of the vehicle, the professionals can buy your used car and give you an estimate based on its general condition, model and year.

The purchase amount is defined either at the conclusion of the sale or upon delivery of your new car.