Common Suits: The Home of Versatility Today

Celebrating different occasions and special events in life has become normal since the beginning. Even today’s generation is surely aware of this. From simple gatherings to once-in-a-lifetime events, everyone desires to be presentable at all times. This is the natural desire of both men and women. For women, it is already given, but for men, most of them are not vocal in their fashion statements. But now, this article will talk about men’s fashion.

Is anyone looking for men’s suits crafted uniquely for them?

Look no further because Common Suits got them! They are known for crafting and perfecting bespoke tailoring that is incomparable. Their world of in-house production will make sure that clients will be satisfied. Also, through their thorough research into fashion, rest assured that they will provide a unique style of custom tailoring that cannot be found in others. This is their pride and a continuous living legacy to their clients. Today’s generation, they are enjoying and loves it because of how spontaneous, chic, stylish, and manly the pieces of clothes they got for all their clients.

The Process of Custom Tailoring

How to get started?

Surely, many are now curious about how they proceed with the customization of different types of men’s clothing. But dig deeper and realize how the team behind Common Suits is meticulous and detailed.

  • Consultation – When it comes to customization, the team values consultation with their clients. This is not just an answer-questions portion of the process, but this will be the time to tackle the purpose and every detail of each suit or type of clothes the team will craft. From special occasions to day-to-day outfits, it is guaranteed that they have it all! The team will also allow their clients to see the showroom, wherein 1,000 fabric samples will welcome them.
  • First Fitting – The first draft of the garment will be put on to the client, which is called the “first fitting”. Here, the experts will examine the details while wearing the garment and assess the adjustments needed. For the timeline in this second process, rest assured that the first fitting will happen usually two (2) to three (3) weeks after the consultation.
  • Subsequent Fitting – This is the next fitting after adjustments were made after the first fitting.
  • Pick-Up – Here, the complete suit or product is ready to wear already! In case, there are final changes, the team needs three (3) to five (5) days of alteration process.

For those who are now ready to consult with the experts, simply get in touch with them at +65 82985224 or send an email to now.